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Rewinding is the preferred application if the production of multiple daughter reels from a mother reel is requested. It can be either the segmentation by width or diameter (or a combination of both).



Gently and with maximum precision.

APV Germany provides the best tools for modern rewinding and cutting:

Technically mature rewinding with automatic control of winding hardness, edge control and the possibility of central trimming.
Precision cutting, down to the exact millimeter.
Control tape sensing for cutting of printed, pattern based materials such as wallpapers or giftwrap.
Changes of width, winding direction, reel diameter and core.
Optional lengthwise perforation.


Max. width (mother reels):

3270 mm

Max. diameter (mother reels):

2000 mm

Max. weight (mother reels):

6000 kg

Min. and max. width produced:

50 – 3200 mm

Max. diameter (daughter reels):

1580 mm

Possible core diameters of daughter reels:

50, 70, 76, 90, 100, 120, 150, 152, 200, 300 or 302 mm

APV Germany converts all reel based paper qualitites plus any other flexible materials such as foil, laminates, fabric or plastis.