The first paper reel saw was installed at Parisloire-APV in 1993. Since then our sawing tools have benefited from numerous improvements.

We are proud to offer our customers the best sawing quality. The present NBND-Technology® process is an exclusivity of Parisloire-APV and ensures a perfect finishing without sticky front sides and a dust-free web. It prevents possible breaks during the later processing of the reel and a rising dust contamination of machines.

The reel sawing converting offers you the following two processes:

Scheme of sawing normal cut Scheme of sawing splitting cut

Scheme of Normal cut: Does detach the redundant part of the reel ->waste. The effective part will be NBND® treated.

Scheme of Splitting cut: The saw blade cuts a reel in the middle (or other region). Both resulting daughters will be NBND® treated. This process has to consider a loss of 14 mm by the saw blade.

Technical Specifications Sawing:

Max. width:

4320 mm

Maximum Ø:

1450 mm

Minimum Ø (with NBND finishing):

850 mm

Minimum Ø (without NBND finishing):

400 mm

Maximum reel weight:

7000 kg

APV Germany saws all sorts of reel based papers and composites, such as cigarette and PE coated paper.