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In cooperation with the leading paper mills in Europe, APV Germany offers a comprehensive range of paper products for a wide variety of roll-based applications.
Beyond the usual factory standards, our modern machine park allows the production of almost all imaginable specifications and dimensions from 50 mm to a maximum of 3200 mm roll width.
The application possibilities are very varied and range from packaging applications, packaging production for food and consumer goods, printing processing to applications in mechanical engineering, medical technology, the automotive, textile and electrical industries. All available paper qualities are certified for direct contact with food.
Our experienced team will help you choose the right quality for your needs.

Paper Reel Products from APV

Roll papers from APV for a variety of applications:

  • Base papers for packaging production
  • Print & label paper
  • Cover & intermediate position paper
  • Paint masking paper
  • Stuffing & wrapping papers
  • Release & coating base papers
  • Forerun papers
  • Selected papers with FSC®-label
  • All qualities are certified for food contact.

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Paint Masking Papers
Masking Papers for painters and car repair
Einschlag- und Packpapier
Papers for wrapping & packaging
Wrapping, packaging and barrier papers
Graphische und Spezialpapiere
Graphic & Special
Publication, Label, Base & Release

Production as:

Jumbo rolls

up to 3200 mm width

Narrow rolls

starting from 50 mm width

Pack-, Maler und Secare-Rollen
Packaging and Secare rolls

classic small and short rolls

FSC-seal of approval

Selected paper qualities with the FSC® certificate